Mission Statement

logo-smWe believe every animal deserves a loving and forever home. The goal of Up-Cycled Pets is to help the animals of St. Joseph Co. find that home and put an end to any past cruel and inhumane treatment they may have suffered. Our program will place cats and dogs in safe foster homes until the best permanent homes can be found.

  • Up-Cycled Pets is a 501(c) 3 Tax Exempt Organization.
  • Up-Cycled Pets is a directorship.

The board consists of volunteers with the best interest of the animals as their guide. Up-Cycled Pets has no paid employees. The caring people serving on the Board are:

  • Lynda Molter – President
  • Debra Schull – Secretary
  • Laura Barley – Treasurer
  • Nancy Hunt
  • Jill Fritz
  • Debra Woehrmyer
  • Connie Metzger

Other volunteers with Up-Cycled Pets include the dedicated foster families who provide loving care to the dogs and cats in the care of Up-Cycled Pets.

There are also many non-foster volunteers to help with the other work necessary to run a foster networking operation.

And we can never forget our generous benefactors. Without them we could not have gotten off the ground.

If you would like to be part of this network of caring people click on the “Volunteer Opportunities” button and submit an application to let us know how you would like to help.

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Our Process
The pets listed by U-CP came from a variety of sources.  Some of the pets are released from the animal shelter.  Many are released by their owners when that owner can no longer care for them.  We have signed owner release forms for each of our pets on file.  All of our animals are fully vetted, including spay/neuter.  They are groomed and hosted in foster homes for at least two weeks before being offered for adoption.  Each prospective adopter is carefully screened before the approval of the adoption application.
Up-Cycled Pets is proud to have earned status of a Certified Rescue by the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance.