Adopt a Pet

Adopting an animal is a long term commitment and is therefore a serious decision which should be given ample consideration. A furry companion is a delight, but make sure that you understand the obligation of ownership as well.

adopt-dogIt is estimated that the annual cost of owning a large dog to be $780, and a cat is $575. Of course the monetary commitment fluctuates somewhat depending on an animal’s size and specific medical needs, but we can guarantee that you will be spending a significant amount on him each year. Another major consideration is the amount of time that you will have to exercise with your pet. Some dogs have more energy than others, but most would benefit from daily walks. Even cats are better off when their owners are able to set aside daily time for play. Make sure you can give a pet the attention he craves and deserves.

All of Up-Cycled Pets are vet checked, heartworm checked, are on heartworm preventative, have had all of their vaccinations and are spay/neutered.

Our adoption fees are based on the medical treatment that each pet has received. The base adoption fee is $175.00. If the fee for the pet that you have chosen is higher it is because he/she needed extra medical care. Ask the foster parent for the details about your choice. We have placed a cap on the adoption fee of $300.00. We do everything we can to save a life and ensure that the animal and their family will enjoy a good quality of life so some pets cost U-CP considerably more that others so your donations are always needed.

Even if you do not see the pet that you want to adopt today we are sure that one will come along that suits you. Fill out your application today so that we can process it and when your best friend shows up you will be ready!

If you are ready to make a long term commitment click the button below to submit your application.

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