Benjamin Takes A Nap

Benjamin Hoadley has been practicing really hard at being the best dog for napping in all of Kalamazoo.

Since Benjamin’s time at Upcycled Pets, Benjamin has grown to really love his forever home in Kalamazoo.  With plenty of trees to investigate, animal smells to explore, and beds located inside and outside the house, Benjamin has been keeping himself busy.  That said, nothing keeps Benjamin too busy that he’s not ready to drop everything and take a nap with you if you need some shut eye in the afternoon.

Benjamin also found a new friend in Stella.  When Benjamin’s “Aunt Kelly” decided she wanted a beagle of her own, we were happy to find out Benjamin and Stella love to play together.  They often spend weekdays with each other outside when it’s nice.

A big thank you to Upcycled Pets for the work you do!

Benjamin and Stella taking a nap

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