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Edsel is a good boy. He’s spoiled and he’s a mama’s boy. He’s loves to snuggle, play with his doggy big sister (Sadie), go to the dog park, give kisses, play ball, and has even formed a relationship with our 10 month old daughter (she and him are best buds). He’s such a good dog that he puts up with her ear pulling and tail tugging without acting like it bothers him. We are very happy with him! He has been a great addition to our family!
Thank you!Edsel 5-31-2013 (15) Edsel 2013 (1)

This is “Sawyer”, who is a Shih Tzu/Pomeranian mix…or at least that’s our best guess.  He had a rough start in life and never knew what grass felt like under his feet or the smell of clean, fresh air.  Thanks to the people at “Up-Cycled Pets” he has now found his forever home with us and we simply can’t imagine how we got along without him.  He smiles all the time and never wastes time by walking. His little legs are a constant blur. We think he is just trying to make up for lost time.  He loves his toys and is obsessed with keeping them out of the toy basket, “helping” his mom with laundry sorting, keeping tabs on what the neighbors are doing and enjoying belly and back rubs.  But what Sawyer seems to love the most is being home with us and experiencing the sheer joy of having a forever family to call his own.

photo photo

Ferris is doing well. He is signed up for some one- on- one training classes. He’s having a blast playing with his cousins Jeffy a Doberman and Mia a Rottweiler over at his auntie Mantha’s house. He is a consummate ladies man and loves nibbling on girls ears.  Other than that he just chills and has a good time with his daddy.


I am happy to say that Pancake is doing just fine! She is as feisty as ever, in fact her name should be bullet because she is fast! She loves running around in our backyard and she is an expert at “walking us”.
About 2 months ago I adopted another dog, Bajo, and he and Pancake are best buddies. Pancake is so loving and sweet and we are so happy and grateful that she is part of our family.
Of course we spoil her ridiculously, but with a sweet face like hers, who wouldn’t?
Thank you so much for giving us such a joy!

photo photo

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As you can see, Harley has come s long way since he came to us. He is very happy. He & Miles are best of friends. He’s actually s bit of an instigator and he’s such a momma’s boy. I’m really glad that we could offer him the home he deserves.



Everyone is Welcome

We Want to Keep All of Our Dogs Safe and Healthy!

Benjamin Hoadley has been practicing really hard at being the best dog for napping in all of Kalamazoo.

Since Benjamin’s time at Upcycled Pets, Benjamin has grown to really love his forever home in Kalamazoo.  With plenty of trees to investigate, animal smells to explore, and beds located inside and outside the house, Benjamin has been keeping himself busy.  That said, nothing keeps Benjamin too busy that he’s not ready to drop everything and take a nap with you if you need some shut eye in the afternoon.

Benjamin also found a new friend in Stella.  When Benjamin’s “Aunt Kelly” decided she wanted a beagle of her own, we were happy to find out Benjamin and Stella love to play together.  They often spend weekdays with each other outside when it’s nice.

A big thank you to Upcycled Pets for the work you do!

Benjamin and Stella taking a nap

Lexi is doing fabulous with us. No longer is she shy & timid, she is friendly, sweet & inquisitive. She spends every afternoon at work with me and likes to perch herself on my bosses desk or lay by the front door as the official greeter. She loves the outdoors, whether running through the yard, laying in the snow or going camping and boating with us. She loves squeaky toys, playing fetch and opening presents. We had a blast with her at Christmas, she would open one of her gifts then hop up on the sofa to help us unwrap one of ours.  She is my constant companion in the kitchen & is my official taste tester! Lexi charms everyone with her sweet & silly disposition as well as her undeniable good looks.  We take her everywhere we can and try to expose her to as many new experiences as we can. I can’t imagine life without my little girl.
By the way, I’ve stayed in contact with Lexi’s foster mom, Laura Barley, through Facebook.  I’ve attached several photos for you to choose from for your Happy Tails page. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for Up-Cycled Pets, you saved my girl and healed my heart :-
)Bday girl Boating

Where shall I begin? This is probably the best picture of Lola we have. As you may recall, Lola is a high-energy dog and getting her to stay still for a photo is a pretty difficult task.  She would much rather be running around with a toy in her mouth! Speaking of toys, this girl is so excited when she gets a toy. It’s almost as if she never had a toy before. She is absolutely delighted and wags her tail so hard that it’s comical. We all agree, she is the only dog we have had who actually plays with toys continuously.
Lola is full of personality. She is starting to feel more at home, the only room /area she hasn’t been in is our basement-she’s still unsure of those stairs. We are having a great time with her. Her favorite game is keep the toy away from us. She LOVES to tease us with a ball or toy and then run off, and come back for more. She has some pretty stealth moves.
We enjoy Lola and she seems to enjoy us. She is becoming more confident (I think sometimes she worried that when we left, we wouldn’t be back). She loves it when we clap for her when she catches her ball. She definitely gets a lot of attention.
She is recognizing all our cars and knows when one of us has come back home. Then she goes to greet us at the door. I think I can say, we all enjoy each other.



Maggie (Ida) has grown into a loving, enthusiastic, happy young dog.  She loves running laps around our big back yard –  going for walks in order to meet more people – and dogs – sitting on any lap available.   She has learned to sit and stay and does very well walking on her leash.  Whenever she hears the dog biscuit box rattle she heads for her crate,  We are now working on getting her to come when called,

Her goal in life is to smooch every face possible.  She likes to  hassle and be hassled by our cat Dori occasionally,  They love to share a sunny spot by the deck door.
Having her as a part of our family has been a real joy
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