Lola Has A Goal To Play All Day

Where shall I begin? This is probably the best picture of Lola we have. As you may recall, Lola is a high-energy dog and getting her to stay still for a photo is a pretty difficult task.  She would much rather be running around with a toy in her mouth! Speaking of toys, this girl is so excited when she gets a toy. It’s almost as if she never had a toy before. She is absolutely delighted and wags her tail so hard that it’s comical. We all agree, she is the only dog we have had who actually plays with toys continuously.
Lola is full of personality. She is starting to feel more at home, the only room /area she hasn’t been in is our basement-she’s still unsure of those stairs. We are having a great time with her. Her favorite game is keep the toy away from us. She LOVES to tease us with a ball or toy and then run off, and come back for more. She has some pretty stealth moves.
We enjoy Lola and she seems to enjoy us. She is becoming more confident (I think sometimes she worried that when we left, we wouldn’t be back). She loves it when we clap for her when she catches her ball. She definitely gets a lot of attention.
She is recognizing all our cars and knows when one of us has come back home. Then she goes to greet us at the door. I think I can say, we all enjoy each other.



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